MeMusic’s Vision expands together with VisionGame

2 min readNov 2, 2021


MeMusic is an end-to-end platform for every participant in the vertical supply chain of music distribution, such as artists, publishers, labels, distributors, and listeners. MeMusic plans on providing an inclusive ecosystem through multiple services, such as streaming, Defi, NFTs, and merchandise to reward all the contributing users with various benefits.

VisionGame aims to help gaming development teams in every stage of production. Developers can take their games from concept to success. Projects can begin their funding through the crowdfunding platform and integrate blockchain through the native SDK. VisionGame provides a one-stop solution for all the needs of game development companies worldwide, be it from the traditional industry or the blockchain industry.

Through this strategic partnership, MeMusic envisions building an innovative system to add a layer of gaming and earning to music. Until now, there have been multiple music-related games developed by gaming giants. However, due to the nature of copyrights and royalties, games failed to generate revenue despite a mass of users onboarding.

At MeMusic, we believe the new paradigm will shift from play-to-earn to listen-to-earn. With the strategic partnership with VisionGame and MeMusic, an innovative, hybrid earning mechanism of listen & play to earn will be possible soon.

MeMusic and VisionGame will cooperate to enable NFT-based music to integrate with games. By using original music issued as NFTs on MeMusic, we benefit artists and game developers. Artists can enjoy earning passive income, and game developers can power their experiences with royalty-free exclusive music, adding to the entertaining value of their productions for the benefit of their audience.

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